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Moving Services from The Moving Guides

The Moving Guides provides a wide range of moving services throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.  We customize moving truck loading and unloading services in Falls Church, VA, and the surrounding areas, and provide packing, delivery and removal services.  We are ready to work with you and provide you any of the moving services you need without costly extras. 
When you are ready to move, you may feel the need to leave some possessions behind to make moving easier.  With experienced movers at your side, you can take all of your valuables with you so you can make your new house a home you love.  We carefully package, cushion and box your items so they are not damaged in the move, then we load and unload your items from your moving truck.  We also deliver new furniture, remove unwanted items and clean your home so you do not have to return.  
All of our moving services are customizable so you make a plan that includes exactly what you need.  Give us a call today to learn more and to make a plan for your upcoming move.

Padding Furniture
Taping Pads to Furniture
Shrinkwrapping the pads and tape to the furniture
Packing all of the boxes
Loading and Unloading every single item (you may book us just for
Moving Heavy Items Only - If you are confident in your strength and ONLY want someone to load and unload your big furniture pieces, we'd be happy to only move your big items to save you money.
Cleaning your home after the move
Removing unwanted items
New furniture delivery
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